Heng Rong Loader

Skid steer loader
Middle style loader
HRL300 Attachments
 4 in 1 Bucket
 Angle Blade
 Hydraulic Breaker
 Hydraulic Grapple
 lawn mower
 Snow Blower
ZL-15F attachments
Military tent trailer
farm implements
Nail gun

Product ID :    8427209000

        Model :    M40D/H35D

   Description :
Hengrong Forklift (HRF) is our new products that made with the latest technical design and a high standard performance, comfortable driving experience, it will provide you excellent operating performance.
The Main feature as following:
1. With rear double ram structure, wide mast make you have a wide view and safety in both front and back , so easily to reverse frequently
2. With a compact power steering, that make opreating more quickly and high Sensitivity.
3. Put the air filter on a high place, keep the engine with cleaning air.
4. Right located a control lever and damping device to reduce drivers tiredness effectively and operating more comfortablely
5. A modern streamline design and nice shape,
6. The engine hood is opened easily, all the parts are seen clearly while opening the hoodthat makethe checking and repairing conveniently
7.To install a down control valve and safety valve on mast,that make assure operating satety.
8. the gear box was processed with a advanced technique and equipments, with a series of enginethat make this forklift more stronger and power in used.
9. A integrated electric control box, to repairing easily.
10. With power braking system , that make braking action more lightly.
11. Safety performance-Enclose cabin frame is made of assembling steel plate and high strength canopy,
    -Parking brake with safety protection device,
   - High pressure hose is designed away from the driver,
    -Safety wire harness, using waterproof plug.


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